Inspired by our lifelong love of stories from a galaxy far, far away, we present sustainable luxury for the Heroines of our home planet.

At every stage of her journey, we're honored to dress our client in styles created with respect for People, Planet and all the creatures who share this galaxy with us.

A pop culture franchise that produces a lot of plastic merchandise might seem like an off-brand inspiration source for DeLaunay, where we're dedicated to low-waste, minimal impact and responsible design practices.  Read the story behind the inspiration here.  We know that our beautiful planet can't keep up with our consumption and waste habits.  In July, we reached Earth Overshoot Day, the date on which we've burnt through the amount of resources our planet can renew in a year.  Channeling Rey's scavenger spirit, for the remainder of the year we're utilizing only existing stocks of responsibly-milled textiles or true "deadstock" fabrics no longer in production. The Rebel Leader jacket, for example, is cut from deadstock organic cotton herringbone and trimmed with silk remnants from the cutting floor. It's accented with Pinatex, a G.O.T.S. certified organic textile that is plant-based, created w/ low environmental impact & 90% bio-degradable.