A Fresh View To Start '22

Happy New Year!  With 2022 in full swing now, I wanted to share a personal note about my work, and the outlook from where I sit.

On the environmental front, 2021 packed quite a punch; I won't rehash the endless bad news cycle, I'll just share that like so many of you, I struggled at times to keep my chin up. As part of my sustainable design practice, I stay up-to-date not just on the headline news but also various reports coming from groups like the U.N. Climate Council. It can be...a lot...even for an ever-hopeful person like me (on rough days, I've found it helps to get outside, even a short 10 to 15 minute stroll.)

With so much difficult news coming at us, it's easy to lose sight of the positive: In 2021, there was a lot of progress on the sustainable and climate tech fronts! Even as politicians entered a stalemate on climate initiatives in the U.S., and world governments delivered a mixed bag of results at COP26, forward momentum is happening:

"There’s enough progress to turn even the most hardbitten sustainability skeptic optimistic. Things that not long ago seemed an environmentalist's pipe dream — net-zero supply chains! cheap energy storage! decarbonized aviation and shipping! circular value chains! enlightened investors! — now seem not only possible, but inevitable."--Joel Makower, GreenBiz Group

And it's not just science and industry marching forward; YOU are, too---demanding climate action, supporting conservation, shopping real (not greenwashed) sustainable consumer goods.

In 2021, DeLaunay nearly tripled its sales over pre-pandemic numbers. I'm still shocked about that, but I shouldn't be. Across multiple sectors and generations, the data is clear: Every day, more and more of you are stepping up for People, Animals and Planet.

Thank you.  You inspire me so very much.  Let's keep that momentum going!  Here's to a New Year that's kinder to all of us, and to the Planet that we love.

Warm regards,

Patricia DeLaunay