Every Day is Earth Day at DeLaunay.

Modern, sustainable luxury made with

care and respect for People, Animals and Planet.


WE TREAD LIGHTLY ON THE PLANET:  We design with responsibly-milled, organic, non-toxic and low-impact textiles, including G.O.T.S. certified Organic Cotton, Hemp and revolutionary Piñatex.  We know the planet's resources are strained, so we do not commission new textiles; instead, we work with existing stocks in an effort to use what's already in the supply stream.  We look for fabrics made with recycled content -- like post-consumer polyester fibers -- to help divert these materials from landfills.  We also make room every season for the use of true deadstock fabric (textiles that are discontinued and will not be restocked) to help reduce Fashion's waste impact.

WE ARE WORKING TOWARDS A ZERO-WASTE MODEL:  We make small quantities, only cutting on order; and we keep collections to a carefully edited minimum number of samples each season.  We make a practice of reusing existing styles in new season photoshoots --- you wouldn't discard your wardrobe treasures after just one season, and neither do we!  We collect and sort our own "pre-consumer waste" (cutting-floor scraps) to use as trims, linings and embellishments rather than discarding them; and we accent collections with remnant or deadstock materials.

WE DESIGN FOR A CIRCULAR LIFE-CYLE, TO BE WORN FOR YEARS, TREASURED, AND REUSED:  The collection core features fabrics and styles meant to work across multiple seasons and occasions.  We've also set a goal to introduce Upcycled Luxury pieces to the collection, reviving vintage and thrifted garments with luxurious embellishments and updated tailoring.

AND WE TAKE SERIOUSLY OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PEOPLE AND ANIMALS:  Our pieces are made in the United States by valued craftspeople.  We believe there's nothing luxurious about cruelty, so we never use fur, skin, feather or leather in our collections.

We share the details of our design practices because we want the DeLaunay Heroine to feel confident that each style has been created with great care for People, Animals and Planet.

ECO-HEROINES:  Your wardrobe has arrived!