About The Heroine's Journey Collection

Inspired by my life-long love of stories from a galaxy far, far away, this special collection features sustainable styles for the Heroines of our home planet. A pop culture franchise that produces a lot of plastic merchandise might seem like an off-brand inspiration source for DeLaunay, where we're dedicated to low-waste, minimal impact and responsible design practices.

But for me, one of the most inspiring aspects of "Star Wars" is its spirit of scrappy resourcefulness: Luke Skywalker salvaging banged-up but still useful droids; Rey scavenging in Imperial shipwrecks. Not to mention the OT production artists who created droids, props and costumes using “found” objects and recycled parts. ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

That creative make-do, waste-not approach is crucial at this moment in our history. Our beautiful planet can't keep up with our consumption & waste habits; if we're going to blunt the worst effects of the climate crisis, we've got to change our ways. That's why, with every collection, I'm striving to dress my clients using materials that don't take more from our Earth than she can sustainably give.
In every collection, I limit myself to using only existing stocks of responsibly-milled textiles and deadstock fabrics no longer in production (or salvaged from cutting-room floors.)  The Rebel Leader Jacket, for example, is cut from deadstock organic cotton herringbone, trimmed with silk remnants from the cutting room floor, and highlighted with panels of Pinatex (a plant-based fabric sustainably created from crop waste.)  
We're a small brand and it's been a slow (but steady) climb so far. Thank you for supporting us!  We will continue to create collections with respect for People, Planet and all the creatures who share this galaxy with us. ---Patricia