Earth Day is Every Day

On Earth Day and every day, we stand for People, Animals and Planet.
Nature needs us now more than ever; we won't understate the immense challenges ahead. But there is also every reason to be more hopeful than ever: Across the globe, governments, companies and citizens are stepping up and taking ambitious climate action. What can you do to celebrate Earth Day every day?

1. Learn more, stay informed and make sure you aren't getting your climate information from the highly polarized "news" outlets that are peddling disinformation for the sake of viewer numbers and ad dollars. Sources we rely on: The United Nations Panel on Climate change, The New York Times Climate desk, NASA, NOAA, PBS Terra and Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

2. Raise your voice by voting in every election be it local or national. Municipal and state leaders have power to enact climate action at your local level; and if you want the U.S. to continue taking bold climate action, show up to vote in the general elections.

3. Volunteer and/or support groups on the front lines of climate action. Consider lending time or a donation to World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, International Bird Rescue, International Rescue Committee or Fauna & Flora International.

4. Help biodiversity in your own backyard or patio: Create a food garden for birds and insects. Their numbers are declining at alarming rates; even a small pocket of plant food on a patio is helpful! Visit Garden For Wildlife to start planting with purpose.

From our launch in the Fall of 2018 to today and beyond, we're creating each piece using sustainable design practices. Thank you for your support these last five years, and for all that you do for our planet.