Earth: Our Oasis In Space

The new collection started with a postcard I picked up at the Utah Fine Art Museum.  The artwork, created by Joby Harris for NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, depicts two intergalactic travelers visiting their home world:  "Earth, our oasis in space, where the air is free and breathing is easy."

With that artwork as inspiration, I imagined an Earth Heroine circa 2050 coming home from her latest space voyage; happy to be back, and taking in the splendor of our home world.

The clothes are timeless yet future facing; featuring sharp cuts, sleek shapes and a pop of "hyperspace" color.  These are wardrobe treasures that should stand the test of time, as stylish in 2050 as they are today.

Why did I place our heroine in the year 2050?  Because there is every hope that if we work together and continue to take fast, ambitious action, we can halt climate change by then.  With our net greenhouse emissions down to zero by 2050, we will have averted the worst consequences of climate change.
Using the postcard art as her starting point, photographer Leanne Sargeant of Sargeant Creative brought the story to life, capturing our heroine in vistas of fresh greens and soothing blues.  Model Lisa Harrington---a Southern California print and runway icon---stars as a powerful, luminous eco-heroine soaking in the beauty of our home planet...our Oasis in Space.