Get It Together!

We're honored to be included in the fantastic Coast Magazine "Get It Together" guide for 2020!  Executive Editor Samantha Dunn and her team are creating thoughtful, nourishing content to bring you the best of Orange County.  Their guide is packed with inspiring resources, including our tips for building a more sustainable wardrobe.  See the guide here, and read on for an excerpt below.

"Trabuco Canyon designer Patricia DeLaunay would like to see eco-awareness come into play when you're curating your wardrobe.  She suggests taking the long view when it comes to shopping, thinking about what you want not just for the season but for the next decade.

'If you'll be retiring in a few years, maybe it's time to ease out of buying the more tailored crisp things and instead look for beautiful knitwear that's polished but less formal,' she says.  'Likewise, if you're stepping up your career, you'll want to think about those anchor pieces, like a wonderfully tailored jacket, that aligns with your future self.'

DeLaunay advocates considering upcycling before you discard a garment.  Maybe those jeans can be refreshed with a scissored hem or a T-shirt with shortened sleeves or a chopped-up neckline.

In creating her own collection of women's clothing, which is sold online and at trunk shows throughout Orange County, DeLaunay is fiercely devoted to luxury that is sustainable, ethical, zero-waste and cruelty-free.  She uses textiles that are G.O.T.S. certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) which means the hemps, cottons and wools are made from organic fibers, use non-toxic dyes and finishes, and follow environmentally and socially responsible practices in manufacturing.  Designing for what DeLaunay calls 'circular life-cycles,' her collection is meant to work across multiple seasons over many years."

---by Shelley Levitt

Thank you to Shelley and Coast Magazine!  We are thrilled to be a part of this excellent resource.