Introducing Autumn/Winter

With the launch of our Autumn/Winter collection, we reaffirm our love for the Earth with a lush eco-fashion showcase.  This is modern luxury created with care and respect for People, Animals and Planet.


The new season is inspired by modern Eco-Heroines and ancient Earth Goddesses.  Our heroine, now and always, is a Woman in her Power. Call her an Earth Mother, call her a Madonna or a Saint or a White Witch or a High Priestess---strong women have been called a lot of names over the centuries.



The collection features warm hearth colors, strong, sleek lines and effortlessly elegant options.



 Discover limited edition styles made with organic textiles and deadstock fabrics; soft, warm layers for work or play, and a fresh update to a wardrobe favorite.



The collection arrives on the heels of devastating storms and fires; we simply have no more time to waste if we're going to blunt the worst impacts of climate change. So to you, my powerful sisters (and brothers too) I say choose any name you wish, don your robes and pick up your wands, because this is a code red for humanity and we need you in the fight.

DeLaunay Autumn/Winter 21-22 is created with care and respect for People, Animals and Planet. Starring Cura Studios founder Caro Peters, shot by Sargeant Creative and styled by Lydia Conley of Fashion Industry Consulting.