May We Bloom Together

The first Sunday of Spring arrived after a long Winter; it certainly took its toll and we're all due for festive fresh starts. How I wish this could be a joyous time for all of us. But as you know, it was another difficult week for our nation.

I want to express to my Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander friends that I see you, I hear you, I care for you, and I stand with you. I wish I could ease your heartache and your worries for the safety of your families and communities.

In honor of DeLaunay's Asian American colleagues, we’ve made a donation to the Asian American Pacific Islander Community Fund. I'd also like to amplify the words of environmentalist Kimi Narita: “We are all dealing with a lot right now and remember: Elevating the issues facing one community should never be interpreted as minimizing the plight of others. We rise together.”

I wish you peace, safety and many moments of joy this season. May we rise together. And may we bloom together.