The Autumn/Winter Collection

Happy Equinox (or "Mabon" as the ancients would say!) Today we reaffirm our connection to the Earth and its cycles with a preview of our upcoming Autumn/Winter campaign. Our heroine, now and always, is a Woman in her Power. Call her an Earth Mother, call her a Madonna or a Saint or a White Witch or a High Priestess---strong women have been called a lot of names over the centuries.

The new season arrives on the heels of devastating storms and fires; we simply have no more time to waste if we're going to blunt the worst impacts of climate change. So to you, my powerful sisters (and brothers too) I say choose any name you wish, don your robes and pick up your wands, because this is a code red for humanity and we need you in the fight.

DeLaunay Autumn/Winter 21-22 coming soon, created with care and respect for People, Animals and Planet. Starring Cura Studios founder Caro Peters, shot by Sargeant Creative and styled by Lydia Conley of Fashion Industry Consulting.