Tip of the hat to Dior

This is the book that started it all.
I was eleven years old when my big brother gave me "Dior in Vogue" as a birthday present. Without an ounce of exaggeration, I can tell you that this gift changed the course of my life.
I'd already been sketching for a few years, inspired by my pop culture heroines Wonder Woman, Princess Leia and Red Sonja. I had some vague ideas of what I might want to be when I grew up, but "Dior in Vogue" sealed the future-designer deal. It opened my eyes to the greater world of “Fashion”---its heritage traditions of beauty and craftsmanship, its legendary creators, the career possibilities it presented.
I remember devouring that book all day and well into the night. From then on, my sketches really took off, becoming a blend of Paris couture, sci-fi chic and Red Sonja armor. There have been some starts and stops and career hiccups along the way, but my design course was pretty much set on that eleventh birthday.

When I began planning my own collection, I knew it would offer a very loving "tip of the hat" to Dior, with timeless styles rendered for a modern woman---and in a sustainable way.  The beautifully shaped, sharply tailored Terra Jacket, for example, is cut in a luxurious organic cotton herringbone that was both grown and milled in the U.S. by one of our great (and now sadly shuttered) textile makers.

And Dior's perfect "Day Dress" styles were on my mind when I designed the Victoire Dress.  I wanted my modern Heroine to have a dress that was empowering for her schedule of meetings, presentations and luncheon events; but also gave a nod to femininity, taking her from day to night with ease.

Something else I truly appreciate about the House of Dior:  Their attention to all who visit their shops is legendary.  Whether you enter their Avenue Montaigne store "dressed to the nines" or wearing more practical run-around-town clothes (many luxury shop associates will ignore you if your appearance indicates you're unlikely to make a purchase) the Dior staff welcomes you with the same kindness that the founder himself was known for.

I don't agree with all his opinions on style; being a modern woman, I shrug off antiquated pronouncements (usually by men) of how a woman "should" look or dress.  But I so love that Dior was a gentle soul, always paying tribute to nature in his work, happy to quietly stroll his gardens and with beloved pets at his side.  Knowing that about him always gave me such encouragement in my design career; I'm definitely a "quiet creator" like him.

And I'm so grateful for the jaw-dropping beauty he created in those too-brief ten seasons, a legacy he left for future designers to be so richly inspired by.

If you'd like to delve into Dior's story, I recommend the excellent book "Christian Dior:  The Man Who Made The World Look New" and you can also view a terrific video from the Dior archives here: https://bit.ly/3dW9cju