To me, you are all beautiful.

To me, you are all beautiful.

I am honored to dress women of many colors (and shapes, for that matter) and to work with talented women from diverse backgrounds. But there's so much more that even a small brand like DeLaunay can do for the progress this country needs.

Our contributions towards a more sustainable fashion industry and to reaching the U.N.'s sustainability goals are definitely a good start, but there are other items on our to-do list. From our earliest planning meetings, we had a goal to showcase a diverse range of Heroines in our imagery; but this hasn't happened nearly as much as we'd like, and that's on me.

We're operating on a tight budget; typical agency fees for image usage are an extravagance that we simply can't afford right now. I know there are ways to work around this, but frankly I haven't felt right about asking models of color to work pro-bono/for trade when they are so often under-employed as it is.

But we're a resourceful little group, so we'll find a way. For today, I wanted to share the beautiful work of the creative duo Sacree Frangine; of their many stunning pieces, I found this one particularly inspiring.  It's a celebration of Family and, in their words, "héritage, partage, sororité, diversité."

Thank you,

Patricia DeLaunay