Hear Her Voice

"O Earth, that hast no voice, confide to me a voice!"---Walt Whitman

Our beautiful Mother Earth is speaking to us. In no uncertain terms, it's telling us that it can't keep up with our abusive production and consumption habits. Something had to give, but those warnings went unheeded for too long, by too many industries and governments.

Now after decades of pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we are living with the consequences, one catastrophic natural disaster after another.

"Tying a single weather event (like the catastrophic flooding in Europe) to climate change requires extensive attribution analysis, and that takes time, but scientists know one thing for sure: Warmer air holds more moisture, and that makes it more likely that any given storm will produce more precipitation.

On average, the world has warmed by a little more than 1 degree Celsius (about 2 degrees Fahrenheit) since the 19th century, when societies began pumping huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere." - NY Times

What can you do to help turn the tide?

Quite simply, love this planet. Defend it with your voice, your vote, your purchase power. Learn from trusted expert sources like NASA's climate change panel.

And as often as you can, make purchases with greater mindfulness for the full cycle of an item. Take clothing, for example. If it's a polyester garment from a mass retailer, it had a damaging impact on the planet before it reached stores; and when you throw it away, it will likely take many years to decompose, leaching toxicity as it goes.

The most sustainable clothes are those already in your closet, but when you do want to add a new piece, please consider us or our fellow sustainable brands.

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