Ticking Stripe

Today we're doing a textile throwback (way back!) to the history of Ticking Stripe (a.k.a. "Mattress Stripe".)  This classic textile with its utilitarian origins has come to be considered a humble-yet-chic mainstay in home furnishings and in wardrobes as well.

From The Textile Trunk (a terrific online resource for vintage fabrics:)

"Ticking is a highly recognizable French fabric distinguished by its stripes and its often heavy texture. This fabric originated in Nîmes, France (which was also the birthplace of the more widely known fabric, denim---the name of which stems from "De Nîmes" meaning "from Nîmes"). The word "ticking" is derived from the Latin word "tica", which means casing."

The two-tone stripes on this fabric evolved somewhat naturally as a way to delineate the ribbons of herringbone running through it. Originally used to cover mattresses and daybeds, you've probably heard the fabric described as "mattress stripes."

"Typically, true French ticking will be made from heavy cotton or a blend of cotton and linen"---ours is a light, cool hemp and organic cotton blend---"and the tones vary the most when it comes to the differences between each of these fabrics. The most commonly used tones for ticking are blue, pink, red and white."

Our Ticking Stripe "Terra" Jacket is cut in a soft, lightweight hemp & organic cotton blend to keep you cool on a hot day.  This tailored jacket features wide lapels and sharp cutting inspired by vintage French military uniforms.  Lined in lightweight voile for added cool, it's the a perfect piece to take you through multiple seasons: In the heat of summer and early autumn, pair with matching trousers and a white button-down shirt for a fresh suiting look, or with the Pin-Tuck Shorts and a simple t-shirt on casual Friday.  When spring arrives, add a pair of printed shorts to the rotation (and pin a fresh flower to that generous lapel!)