You May Be Social Distancing, But You're Not Alone


These are difficult days and it is understandable that nerves are frayed and anxiety levels are spiking, but of course this isn't good for our health at precisely the time when we need to be as well as possible.

Below, you'll find some resources for taking care of yourselves, getting help and staying strong.

  • Mayo Clinic has a list of COVID-19 self-care strategies and where to get support when you need it
  • Ease your anxious mind when you're feeling overwhelmed by pandemic fears and the 24-hour news cycle
  • From the team at Calm, a take-a-deep-breath guide
  • A Cura video with an exercise to soothe frazzled nerves.
  • Escape to this Royal Library for some soothing rest and study ambience
  • Click here for more COVID-19 resources (mask guidance, travel advice, economic resources, etc.)